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I know, it has been a bit long since the last post (university, life, sleeping), but let's forget that and explore the Himalayas together because today's post is about skincare brand Himalaya Herbals.

I've been using Himalaya Herbals products for a very long time now. The reason why I keep repurchasing them is I don't really like to try out new things when I have things that actually work (also, my skin tends to react to new things in a really harsh way - I'm talking about those overnight, under the skin, hurt-like-hell pimples. I don't want them, thank you very much.). That being said I thought I'd you show my favourite and trusted HH products. 

Neem Foaming Face Wash - although I haven't been using it every day this winter (my skin is more normal than oily now, rejoice!) as it was drying it a bit, it's my favourite cleanser in the summer. 

Nourishing Lip Balm - when I used it up I ditched it for a Labello Lip Butter, but it was a good one that had been repurchased several times. It smells like a bubble gum and has SPF in it (priorities, clearly).

Intensive Moisturizing Cream - it didn't do an amazing job with my slightly drier skin but it's still good and I still like to use it when I need a little bit of extra moisturizing. Also it's a great all-round product for hand, body and face.

Nourishing Skin Cream - a huge favourite in my family and it's my favourite face cream for everyday use. It doesn't make my combination/oily skin oilier, it's just the right consistency and it's just super-duper good. Skincare staple - I sound sooo professional when I say that. Of course it's a staple I'm not using many other things. Duh. It's also a great all-round product. Definitely worth it.

Neem Face Mask - this mask is for normal/oily skin, I'd say it's more for us, oily-skinned girls. And it's magical. I usually use it once a week after a nice steaming session and it does wonders to my skin. It really gets rid off all the dirt and helps to keep [hormonal] things at bay. I apply it after my face is nicely steamed, leave it on to dry, wash it off and apply the skin cream, as this mask is a tad drying. A tube lasts a surprisingly very long time, we are only using the second one and it's not even close to empty! Absolutely love it. 
Plus: it totally makes me look like Madam Vastra. So many extra points for that.

What I'd recommend picking up are the Neem Face Mask and the Nourishing Skin Cream. The face mask is the best deep cleansing face mask you can find in drugstores* and the skin cream is just lovely for oily skin. 

*Rossmann doesn't have the face mask

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