Nude lips, Kylie Jenner style


I still have no idea who the Kardashians actually are or what they sound like. The news that ever reached me are of Kylie Jenner's lips or Kim's hair. And I'm completely okay with that. 

But I read quite a few beauty blogs and I know that everybody is/was crazy about Kylie Jenner's nude-mauve lips. And to be honest I quite that look, so after months of watching tutorials and reading blog posts, I decided to try it myself with the lipsticks I already had at home - and I was really happy with the result! 
The only thing I 'needed' to buy was the coveted Essence lipliner in 06 Satin MauvePerfectly mauve-y, matte, and super cheap, it is amazing both as a liner and full lip colour. For a more plumped look, I dab either an Avon lipstick (Instant Mocha, second swatch) or Rimmel Moisture Renew in Piccadilly Pink (first swatch) on top. And that is my totally wearable, nude-y Kylie Jenner-ish look. 

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