England Beauty Purchases: The Make Up


Well, some beauty product shopping happened while I was in the UK - and in this post I'm going to show you the make up products I bought. Skincare and other stuff will have their own post soon! :)

I was not planning to spend aaaaaall my money on makeup, because 1) frankly, I do not need more 2) only wanted to buy a few things that are not available at home. Having said that I think I did quite well and I even got lucky -  Boots was having thing offer on Bourjois makeup, so the bronzer, the lip crayon and the brush were for free (and who am I to turn down free stuff?) if you spent more than 15£. I stocked up on one of my favourite foundations, the Healthy Mix Serum and bought the Little Round Pot Blush in Healthy Mix, which is just utterly perfect and has the most amazing scent a blush can have. I also got the Maxi Delight Bronzer, which smells amazing but sadly it is a tad shimmery and a tiny bit more orange than ideal. The little kabuki brush came very handy with the bronzer, because it doesn't take up too much of the powder and I can get away with the shade of the bronzer (or at least I hope). The ColorBoost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach was more than welcome as it is just the utterly perfect shade and lasts a very long time.
So Bourjois, I love your products.

Moving on to other ones - I was on the hunt for the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for my friend. They were 3£ at Superdrug so obviously all of the displays were basically empty, but after popping into every. single. Superdrug. I could find, I was finally able to buy the last three of the lightest shade. I haven't tried mine yet (my friend says it's pretty fab), because I'm using the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Fix concealer, which was 2£? 1£? Can't remember. Anyways, I'm mixing it with my Maybelline Fit Me concealer on those days when I feel like concealing things on my face.

And last but not least I bought a new Colour Tattoo (so now I own all of the neutral shades, yay!). I didn't want to buy any eyeshadows but I said that I'd have bought a new Colour Tattoo if I'd seen one that I cannot get in Hungary... that's why the Leather Effect "Creamy Beige" CT came home with me and it is wonderful. I have a love affair with cream eyeshadows, and Creamy Beige is just the most versatile shade you could ever want. And it's completely matte!
Funny slash not funny story: I was completely surprised at how nice the ladies were in the Boots I went to. They let me swap my Colour Tattoo for a new one as the old one was opened (but the culprit managed to make the packaging look okay, but it had a seriously big fingerprint / sneaky dig-in in the middle) and they were totally helpful and cool about it. 

So this is all the make up I brough home with me from the UK. I'm really happy with all of my purchases. I am also very proud of myself for refusing to fall victim to the 'but one, get one 50% off' offers in Boots, because as I said, I REALLY DO NOT NEED MORE MAKE UP PRODUCTS.
I mean, you can always buy them for me.
It's only that I really shouldn't spend more money on stuff like that. And I could start spending more on nice food maybe? Or clothes? We have a paradox here, people!

Anyway, wondering why I left so much space here? I am way too lazy to write the Hungarian version of this post. Sorry, it will happen soon, till then, I'm going to leave you here with some swatches:

Creamy Beige / Healthy Mix / Maxi Delight Bronzer 02 / Peach On the Beach

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