A (actually two) Coco Mademoiselle dupe


Funnily enough my favourite perfume is one that I do not actually own - only because it is bloody expensive. Like REALLY VERY EXPENSIVE. I'm really great at justifying purchases but this one... I cannot. I do, however, buy little samples every now and then because I am absolutely in love with the scent and they are the only Chanel-related things that I can actually afford. 
I'm not saying you can't buy CM for me for Christmas if you have 40000 Huf to spare who am I to stop you? Though I still think there are better ways to spend that money...

For me, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is the classiest, most elegant, fresh, sophisticated scent... It makes you feel special, it is super long lasting, and it's just wonderful.

But I have good news for you, fellow Chanel Coco Mademoiselle lovers - I have two dupes for you that are easily available and are just as good as the original one. One of them was discovered by my mum, the other one I saw on a blog [over at the Beauty and The Brunette], and they are ridiculously affordable yet impressive dupes. I'm not an expert - and I guess most of us aren't - but whenever wearing one of the dupes I can mislead big Chanel-lovers too, the difference is that insignificant. 

Corazón (100 ml - 1500/2000 HUF) can be found in little Chinese shops (én régen az aluljáróban vettem a Deákon 2000 forintért, de van a Blahán és a Nyugatinál is, illetve minden nagyobb kínai parfümösnél - a Vámház körúton 1500 forint!).  I went through more bottles than I care to count. You might need to spritz twice as much as you have to with the original one but frankly, does that matter for that price? (It doesn't.) I religiously use it every day

Madame Glamour: Suddenly (50 ml - 1000 HUF) is available in Lidls (mondjátok, hogy nem én vagyok az egyetlen, aki lidlinek hívja). I'll admint that the name sounds a bit funny but who actually cares about that? Same as with Corazón - good price, scent, lasting power, cheap and widely available. That is a win, isn't it? Once again, thanks to Becki for writing about Suddenly - I don't think I would have looked at Lidl's perfumes (I'm an Aldi-goer btw) without her post.

So this would have been my little Coco Mademoiselle dupe round-up. I'm completely smitten with my dupe-findings and really glad that I don't have to spend serious money on my favourite scent. You might say that it isn't the real Coco M (I save the sample bottles for special occasions) but having used the original one, I can say that the difference is so little I cannot be bothered to care.

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