A pre-Christmas to-do list


This year I'm feeling this Christmas thing a bit more than last year. Even set up our tree yesterday, which only has ornaments and lights on one side because I underestimated the perimeter... But the decorated side looks really nice if I say so myself.

What's more, I'm almost done with shopping for presents (much organized, very grown up), kind of have an itinerary for the three days of continuous feasting, and River Song will be back for the Doctor Who holiday special (yass), I'm all ready for the festivities. 
I still have a few things  to do before Christmas (apart form studying for my exams which I'm avoiding very efficiently btw) but these are mainly baking/DIY projects, namely:

  • making DIY bathbombs - I have two articles bookmarked on this one but never really got around to do it. But now... now is the time. I thought it would be a nice little present for Christmas and even if it doesn't turn out to be giftable I am happy to sacrifice myself and use them up. 
  • making hot chocolate - we said we wouldn't make anything for dessert this Christmas (we will be fed and given loads anyways. So not complaining.) but instead I'd make some proper hot chocolate with dark chocolate, cream and everything. Will be very lush and unhealthy and amazing *drools*.
  • having said that we wouldn't bake anything I still want to make these biscuits [link] I found on my favourite Hungarian baking blog. I think I will get down to it tomorrow and take it to my office party or as little gifts for my colleagues. 
  • make my snowflake ornaments for the tree. 
Also, post Christmas cards tomorrow and pray that they get their on time because I totally forgot to write 'and a happy new year!' on them. 

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