TBT: Warner Bros. Studios


My birthday present for my 22nd birthday was a trip to the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden. It was a rainy and bloomin' magical day and I think I was a bit (sorry, that's an understatment - A HELLA LOT) overwhelmed by everything.

The Warner Bros. Studios where the exhibition is were actually the Harry Potter sets (how exciting is that?), now made into this huge, magical, money-making place.
And I'm not meaning that in the wrong way - the whole experience is well worth spending that 30+£ and it's a day's programme, so you get quite a lot back for your money. 
It really is a tour on the set of the films, quite interesting even if you are not that into Harry Potter, providing you with loads of extra behind-the-scenes info you never heard before (even if you watched all of the extras on the DVDs and had a Harry Potter fansite). Then you have the props, special effect vidoes, production designs... literally, everything.
I'm trying to be really composed here, but oh Gawd, it was just amazing! My favourite bit was the end where you had this huge Hogwarts Castle model with changing lights. I'm not sure that the pictures do justice to it, really, it was breathtaking.

Here are a few pictures I snapped with my phone (I'm saying it as if I had anything else to use other than my phone) - my favourite is the one of the clock. I didn't take too many photos as it was dark and I was too busy fangirling and trying to take everything in at the same time, but I tried my best.

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